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Clickotine, is a digital smoking cessation program designed to help anyone quit smoking – for good. Through our interactive program, we create individualized journeys tailored to each patient's timeline, lifestyle, and goal. For our Clickotine patients, we make onboarding easy and the overall experience seamless.

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We don't quit until you do. Easily accessible from your smartphone, your Clickotine quit plan is personalized to who you are. Whether it's getting through withdrawal symptoms or being in a situation that makes you want to smoke, Clickotine keeps you motivated to overcome life's hurdles. 

How is Clickotine Different?

Clickotine is personalized
Through machine learning, we learn from every smoking trigger that’s tracked or motivation that’s logged to help you reach your smoke-free end goal

Clickotine is flexible
Low or no cost (including Nicotine Replacement Therapy) with many health plans

You may be eligible to receive Clickotine for free. Ask your employer or insurance company for details

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Clickotine is accessible
From the one-on-one text-based support with a licensed care guide to exercises that get you to the next step, you can access everything through the Clickotine app

Clickotine is proven to work
In a clinical study, 45% of Clickotine users were smoke-free after just 8 weeks

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